“it is the greatest I ever saw in an Irishman’s hands: and would appear to be in good keeping; one of the fairest situated in good soil and so nigh a portable water a boat of ten tonnes could come within ten yards of it” – Henry Sidney, 1566


One of the most important heritage attractions in Donegal, Hugh O’Donnell, wealthy chief of the O’Donnell clan, built Donegal castle in 1474.  The O’Donnells occupied the castle up until 1607 when the leaders of the clan left Ireland in the event known as the Flight of the Earls.  It was then controlled by the English Brooke family until the 18th century.  In 1898 it was donated to the Office of Public Works, which has since renovated it.  The castle is now open to the public and often hosts events such as Gaelic cultural evenings.

Telephone No: +353 74 972 2405 / Email: donegalcastle@opw.ie